Vastu Pujan

A Vastu puja is done for removing all kinds of irregularities in a property prescribed by a traditional Vastu Shastra.  To ask for forgiveness over harm to nature during the construction work, to ask for blessings and of the lord of property and give offerings to the forces of nature.  The motive of the puja is to get a balance between nature and humans by getting rid of all the negative energies.  There is a belief that shifting into a home or property with a fault from a religious perspective can bring bad luck. So, a Vastu puja is usually done during the inauguration of new homes, new offices or properties, new installations, mining, for laying the foundation of new projects, etc.

A Vastu pujan helps to facilitate harmony, understanding, and cooperation among family members. Along with that, this puja is done to eliminate all the problems like financial issues and relationship problems.

The puja is done to worship Lord Vastu Purusha or the God of construction. There is a belief that once a big person came and blocked the earth and sky with their presence. All the other gods caught that person and threw him. He fell with this face down so the body that was held by a particular God became the residing God of that aspect. In that way, Brahma made the person Vastu Purusha or “God of the house”.

There are very important and significant steps involved for performing an accurate Vastu puja that can be only done by a learned pandit. There are vital preparations, proper chants, and mantras with precise norms that should be rightly performed by pandit Shri Niwasji for positivity and a bright future. It is a very popular puja done by panditji to seek blessings for success and good luck. He also specifies the right advice and suggestions for any faults or irregularities with the construction from a religious perspective.  He is very dedicated and devoted to his work and makes sure that there is no space for any error in this auspicious work. He selects that best day and time for worshipping God over beginnings.

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