Shubh Vivah

Shubh vivah puja refers to all the rituals and religious processes that are traditionally performed during wedding ceremonies. The religious scriptures in Hindu culture include the methods, rituals, and mantras for wedding ceremonies that are followed to date. A Hindu priest or a panditji is knowledgeable about these traditional norms and they administer and supervise these wedding rituals. The wedding ceremony or vivah in Hindu tradition includes several pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding rules and regulations.

The Hindu tradition considers marriage as a lifelong commitment where their union is planned by the universe. The ceremony is held around a sacred fire or Agni who witnesses the wedding itself. The seven pheras signify commitment and a phera is a sign of a circle of life for seven life cycles.

Every single custom has a deep meaning and vital role in the prosperity and happiness of the future married life. An important custom before fixing a marriage is the matching of Kundli. They are birth charts made according to Vedic astrology that give an insight or vision for a personality and future of a person. When the birth chart of a prospective groom and bride is matched by a pandit then it gives an insight into their future marital life. A proper match means that they are perfect for marrying each other.

For a proper, traditional wedding ceremony or Shubh Vivah, it is important to hire a good panditji. One such priest is Pandit Shri Niwasji who is a learned and knowledgeable person. He is focused on his work. He can efficiently match the Kundli and precisely conducts a Shubh Vivah ceremony according to all the Vedic customs and accurate mantras. Panditji had a good experience and he has a thorough knowledge of the Vedic scriptures for making sure that everything goes by the religious format. Following proper traditions, rituals and customs is regarded as very important in the Hindu culture that ensures that the couple lives a happy married life in the future.

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