Satyanarayan Katha

The Katha of Satyanarayan Ji helps us to analyze the power of truth. It is often fearful and harsh. Satyanarayan Katha can be performed on any day as per convenience. As per Pandit Shrinivas Ji, the Satyanarayan Katha is meant to erase all the differences of caste, creed, and status amongst us and unite together to offer prayers to God, as he symbolizes eternal truth. Therefore, people tend to invite as many people as possible. As per beliefs, some also observe a fast and then attend the Katha accompanied by puja along with full devotion. We urge God to grant us the power to accept the truth, believe in truth, achieve success, and live-in harmony. Lord Vishnu blesses everyone irrespective of their castes, creed, financial status, etc. Devotion is the only thing that matters.

Conducting a Satyanarayan Katha with full devotion blesses us with calmness, satisfaction, and compassion for God. This renders our mind with peace and also the atmosphere around us becomes peaceful and starts making us feel so soothing. This can help us to get rid of problems like anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, etc. It keeps our minds and thus physical health to a certain extent stable.

Human psychology states that a human’s greed has no end. So, we can never be satisfied. But as specified earlier, participation or conduct of Satyanarayan Puja with a sound state of mind can grant satisfaction to a devotee. Satisfaction is what gives you a feeling of being complete thus in turn making you happy.

This Puja lasts for up to 3 hours. Mango leaves, haldi, kumkum, nine types of grains, a photo of Lord Satyanarayana, Havan samagri, Kalash, coconut, and such things are essentially used in this Katha and puja.

Pandit Shriniwasji believes in the true worship of God without expecting anything in return. He feels connected to God and puts in all his energy in whatever tasks he performs. He understands the concerns and sufferings of people and being a true believer of mankind, he puts in the best of efforts in all the pujas and ceremonies he performs so that God could bless everyone with whatever a person desire.

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