Ramcharitmanas Path

Ramcharitmanas Paath fundamentally comprises recitation of the book ‘Shri Ramcharitmanas’. It is an ancient and outstanding book that was written in the Awadhi language. It discusses the achievements that Lord Rama accomplished during his lifetime and the efforts and preparations that he had put into it. He was the seventh resurrection of Lord Vishnu– who is believed to be the creator of the universe. He is also attributed as the ‘Purshottam’. The term ‘Purshottam’ stands for ‘Supreme Being’. He was referred to as Purshottam because he was an ideal sibling, spouse, companion, son, and king. His character encompassed truth, equality and he was full of morals and ethics.

Ramcharitmanas is very suitable even in modern times where people need to realize the importance of good conduct, responsibility, and duty. It reflects the views of Shri Tulsidasji over the concept of life and dharma. It is a blend of thoughts and values intricately. While the language is simple and elegant. It is said that Ramayana teaches what people should follow in their life. Lord Rama was an ideal son, dutiful husband, and king. Sita Maa was a perfect wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law. Shri Laxamanji was an ideal brother while Shri Hanumanji was a perfect devotee and server with endless devotion. There are countless such references in the paath. Moreover, King Ravana is also an ideal opponent who is a learned scholar and realizes that Lord Ram is supreme. Organizing a Ramcharitmanas paath at home can not only satisfy the elderly but everyone gives immense and great learning to the children about the values and tradition.

It reflects upon that we should play all our life roles in the best possible manner for which we are meant for. Organizing a Ramcharitmanas Paath at your home will also instill values of humanity and a sense of responsibility in the people listening to it. Pandit Shriniwasji is an efficient priest who conducts the Ramcharitmanas Paath with sincere dedication. He believes in the power of Karma and humanity and aims to bestow people with the same. He wants everyone to stay happy. So, he conducts all the rites, rituals, and Puja and in the right manner so God would bless all his devotees the maximum.

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