Navchandi Puja & Yajna

The significance of this Puja lies in Navratri. Navchandi Puja and Yajna are a part of Nav Durga Puja. As per Pandit Shriniwasji, it is conducted when one wants to fulfill his or her wishes, make their dreams come true, and attain good health besides achieving wealth and strength. It brings in prosperity and people get rid of all their sufferings this Navchandi Puja and Yajna. The Yajna helps to get rid of enmity and nullifies the bad planetary influence on our lives.

By doing this yajna wholeheartedly one can get all the success that he or she deserves in life. Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Navagraha (nine planets), and Nav Durga (nine incarnations of goddess Durga) bless their devotees by this.

The Navchandi Yajna is again highly influential in Sanatan Dharma. It helps in the betterment of disturbed planets in one’s fortune and good luck begins in one’s life. After doing this offering he or she could feel themselves and enjoy in a joyous environment. The glory of this yajna has also been mentioned in the Vedas. They state that after this one’s enemies cannot harm them as one gets the power to withstand all the odds of life.

Sacrificing this yajna to Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, the Navagraha, and Nav Durga, he’s a human being to get all the blessings of God.

However, only learned Brahmins like our Panditji who have proper Vedic knowledge can perform this Havan as it involves chanting of the 700 verses that can be done only by a proficient Brahmin. The Navchandi Yajna is an extraordinary, omnipotent, and massive surrender that gives tremendous greatness to the Goddess.

During the earlier times, gods and demons, both used to perform this yajna daily to achieve and preserve strength and remain energetic. It was worshipped by other different Gods including Lord Ganesha. Durga Havan is generally performed after these 9 lessons of worship for Durga Saptashati and as a consequence, it fulfills the wishes of everyone.

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