Janam Kundali Vishleshan

Janam Kundli also commonly called ‘Birth Chart’ or ‘Janampatri’ is a comprehensive chart that is prepared based upon birth details like birth date, birth time, birth location, day, gender, etc. The natal chart contains a diagram that illustrates the position of the sun, moon, planets, and much more. Life on the broader aspect can be detected by the birth chart. It is a depiction of a person’s life based on the 12 houses. Pandit Shrinivasji prepares Janam Kundli and also uses it to prescribe methods stating how you can improve upon your life.

Well, reading the Janamkundli is also an art as preparing is. He is efficient both in reading and preparing the Janampatri. He can provide you with insights and findings based upon it. Well, if you are dissatisfied or would be facing a problem in the future that is analyzed in the birth chart and want to seek a solution to it, then he knows it well. He can suggest effective and rightful ways or sometimes a Puja or following a certain ritual that shall solve your problem. He believes in the power of God and so in the process of Karma. He understands the science of mankind and has Vedic knowledge. He has proficiency in preparing the Birth chart accurately.

The birth chart presents a comprehensive report on your education, career, nature, marriage, wealth that you shall accumulate, your favorite periods, and also the unfavorable ones. He states how various factors like sade satti, various transits, dosha like Kalsarp dosha, yoga’s and transits can influence your life. All these are prepared using your birth details and predicted based upon the planetary positions stated. For instance, a person’s Kundli showing Manglik Dosha then that person might have a problem while finding a suitable partner as it affects the life after marriage and is often not suitable for the health of your spouse; in such a case he provides remedial measures to nullify the impact of it.

He is well equipped with Vedic knowledge and hence cannot make a mistake while preparing the birth chart, therefore he can be trusted upon.

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