Griha Pravesh

The Grihapravesh ceremony is usually conducted when one enters the newly bought home for the first time. It is not just an occasion or ritual but an emotion. It is not only about the homeowner but for the entire family. As per the science of Vastu, a home is made up of five essential elements i.e., the earth, water, sun, fire, and wind and the apt alignment of these elements brings happiness, good health, and prosperity to everybody’s homes.

Tips for The Grihapravesh Puja of Your New Home:
  1. Always choose an auspicious day with a fortunate time.
  2. The idols should be in the east-facing direction of your house.
  3. The house should be cleaned thoroughly.
  4. The door can be decorated with fresh flowers and mango leaves. Besides, it should also have a swastika, lotus, or any other spiritual symbol at both ends.
  5. You can decorate the floor with rangoli. It is believed that rangolis on the floor tend to invite Goddess Lakshmi.
  6. A havan or yajna purifies the atmosphere and cleanses the surroundings.
  7. Too much as it can also bring in some negative energy. Negative energy tends to inhibit the well-being of the homies.

A house warming ceremony (Griha Pravesh) on the auspicious days mentioned above does not even require a shubh muhurat throughout the day, as each moment of this day is precious and fortunate. Before the commencement of Grihapravesh Puja, Kalash Puja is generally performed. In this ritual, a copper pot has to be filled with water and nine types of grains and a coin are added to it. A coconut is placed on the pot along with suitable leaves and one then enters the house accompanied by changing of the mantras by the priest.

As per belief, entering into the home at an auspicious time eradicates difficulties of life and thus, a family has to struggle the minimum after moving in. Pandit Shriniwasji believes that conducting it on certain occasions makes a favorable day for the Grihapravesh ceremony. These days like the Gudi Padwa, Basant Panchami, Akshaya Tritiya, Vijayadashmi, etc. are considered to be fortunate as per the Shubh Muhurat. Uttarayana (Makar Sankranti), Holi, Shraddha Paksha, and Adhikmas should be avoided for such an event.

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