Bhagwat Katha

Bhagwat Katha is what purifies our mind, body, and soul. It has the solution to all the problems of mankind. It entirely changes the perspective of a human being. It makes our lives joyous and provides an atmosphere of good vibes around us. This helps to attain satisfaction and helps us to achieve ‘Moksha’. After knowing the Sadhguru and remembering God continuously, one should listen to it. It is one of the 18 Puranas of the Hindus and is considered one of the most sacred books. The central idea of the Bhagwat Katha is the Bhakti Yoga, wherein Lord Krishna is depicted as the God of all the Gods. The essence of all the stories of God is the Shrimad Bhagwat Moksha Dini, as after hearing this Parikshit attained salvation.

Our Pandit Shriniwasji has a strong faith in this ideology and therefore he says that by listening to Bhagwat Katha with a calm and attentive mind, a person’s sins are forgiven and he or she can get the ultimate heaven.

He further adds that by hearing the story of Srimad Bhagwat Katha with a faithful mind, one gets liberation from misfortune and fortune takes its place. This is similar to the story of Kalpavrisksha, which fulfills all of our desires. However, the meaning can only be proved when one applied it in one daily life. For this, we require a person who has the proper knowledge and power of explaining the strength and influence of God in our lives. Our Panditji is a learned scholar, he has the apt knowledge and can incorporate it very well while reading the Bhagwat Katha, so that our misfortune could end. He explains the essence of life presented in the Bhagwat Katha in such a manner that brings peace in our minds and clears all our doubts and miseries of life.

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